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Live - Serafin Rock Packed House At Barfly, London

Last night saw a packed Barfly in London welcome the final gig of a 3-week Wednesday night stand for Serafin. The Londoners are about to release their debut CD, No Push Collide, on Taste Media in the UK and Elektra in the US and these gigs were showcasing all the new tunes they are about to unleash. Having seen the boys in Austin and SXSW in 2002, I knew a bit of what to expect, but they were much tighter this time around and had grown into their live show. Much of the new album was rocked on the night, with ex-Stony Sleep frontman Ben Fox Smithís vocals sounding album-quality and the buzzing guitars at their hornet-like best. "Stephenís In the Sky," "Things Fall Apart," "Lethargy," and "No Happy" were especially incendiary, but it was premier US single(and soon to be re-relased UK single) "Day By Day" that slayed the crowd. That song is truly stellar and was the high point of a fairly stellar show. Catch ëem when they get to the States. You wonít be disappointed.

Live - Serafin Rock Packed House At Barfly, London