Live - Jet Fly Through Chicago At Light Speed, No Stop In Sight

Australiaís Jet landed in Chicago last night for a turbulent performance of Americana blues mixed with '70s classic rock vengeance. The floppy-haired quartet, all of whom are extremely nice young gents, hung with us at the bar before the show, trying to pick their favorite gig on this recent red-eyed tour that has kept them away from home for the past few months. They told us an amusing story about the Fiji Rock Festival in Japan, and how the fans were knee deep in mud and muck, but there was absolutely no trash anywhere. The smokers in the crowd even ashed into their own personal, handheld ashtrays. Who doesnít want to turn Japanese after that? Then we all drank some more, they plugged in, and took off.

Jetís music reminded me of Lynyrd Skynyrd meets AC/DC with a little Motorhead thrown in for spicy measure. There was some confusion during the set as the drummer, who sings, was talking at the same time as the lead singer...isnít there always a problem when the goddamn drummer sings?! The songs varied from Phish-like rock operas to quick, compact jabs that made for a controlled and completely unique performance. The smashing single, ìAre You Gonna Be My Girl,î came late in the set but seemed to deliver the same sonic blast live at Schubaís, that it has been pulverizing specialty radio with for the past few weeks. That song is a monster hit with major commercial potential.

Jetís debut record Get Born, will hit stores on October 7 through Elektra here in the States. Itís action packed with chunky guitar riffs and down home grooves for some outstanding Koala bear rock. Jet continue to preview songs from their forthcoming CD tonight in Minneapolis, in NYC on Thursday and in Boston on Saturday. Donít miss your flight!

Thanks to Bill Carroll and Jen Sligh for, well, for being so nice and making me feel the need to thank them in this review...thank you.

Jet mini-tour dates:

08.05.03 - Minneapolis, MN (Urban Wildlife)

08.07.03 - New York, NY (Mercury Lounge)

08.09.03 - Boston, MA (Paradise)

08.11.03 - Toronto, CA (Lee's Palace)

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live - Jet Fly Through Chicago At Light Speed, No Stop In Sight