The Vertigo Of Bliss

Glasgowís Biffy Clyro may be a fairly unknown oddity outside of the UK, but with the way the groundswell is growing in Great Britain, the next logical step is bringing their guitar-heavy sound to the States. Combining the raw fury of Nirvana with the pop sensibilities of The Pixies and adding the urgency of boys raised on chewing glass, Biffy Clyro bring incendiary guitar thrash to the next level. Injecting primal screams into his singing, frontman Simon Neil doesnít only sound like Kurt Cobain with his guitar and vocal combo: he resembles him physically, as well. Fusing off-kilter guitar bits with a post-grunge underpinning, The Clyroís sophomore album, The Vertigo Of Bliss is not as immediate as its predecessor, 2001ís excellent Blackened Sky, but it is easily its big brotherís equal. First single ìThe Ideal Heightî hits in all the right places, pairing a quirky guitar hook with Neilís plaintive chant of ìhow well do you think that you know me? I tell you know that I didnít even mean it,î while ìWith Aplombî starts off as a Renaissance-era lute ditty and morphs into an anthem, backed by swelling strings. But the goodness doesnít stop there, as new single ìQuestions & Answersî gets the energy flowing early, a cymbal storm escalating into the jump around, shout aloud chorus, ìYouíve got all these great answers to all these great questions,î while ìEradicate The Doubtî eradicates any doubts as to their ability to grind out a thrashy gem with the best of the guitar bands of today. Biffy Clyro: they might not be on the end of your tongue yet, but thereís still time.

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The Vertigo Of Bliss