Billy Jack/Sexualized

This is a laugh this. Theoretically by a bloke named Darren Spooner (which sounds suspiciously like a Fischerspooner rip off, doesnít it), this wondrous little ditty is in fact a new single from none other than Jarvis Cocker from Pulp. however, this is no fey, orchestral guitar work up, here. The double A-sides of ìBilly Jackî and ìSexualizedî are down and dirty and beaty and right on target. The former is the sound of Jarvis fronting Kraftwerk with DJ Shadow dropping samples in the back ground, while the latter finds Herr Spooner succumbing more to his love of Suicide, but injecting a pop edge to it.. The pair of tunes is simultaneous excellent and confusing, theyíre the sound of summer 2003 and they induce frolicking. ìBilly Jackî is a song that begs to hit all indie nightclub dance floors and bedroom dance parties, alike. ìBilly Jackî is all that. And a bag of chips.

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Billy Jack/Sexualized