Mark Kozelek Grabs New Paint And Bucket For Sun Kill Moon

Mark Kozelek has a new band. No, it’s not the Blue Cabin Brushers, it’s Sun Kill Moon, a little something something that began as a solo project. Jetset will release the band’s debut, Ghosts of the Highway on November 4. The lead singer of the drearily delightful Red House Painters has not released a studio album since his enthralling collection of low key AC/DC covers (What’s Next to the Moon) in 2001. Billboard reassures us that RHP have not broken up, although their last release was Old Ramon back in 2001 on Sub Pop, they will record again some day. Now…when is that anticpated full length from Feverdog coming out, Mark?

Source: Jason Anfinsen

POSTED August 8, 2003 12:00AM IN THE TRIPWIRE




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