Loosen Your Hold

Talk about changing direction. Last time we heard from South they were inked to Moí Wax records and making Stone Roses pop infused with beats, like the stellar ìPaint The Silence.î Fast forward 18 months and what we have is here is a revolution in sound. Pairing banjos, harpsichords and string arrangements, ìLoosen Your Holdî is an amazing piece of pop pie. The Londoners have improved exponentially, taking their sound in a new and very exciting direction, while recording a song that is so classic in sound, it should be heard for years to come. Iím not the only one so enthused. XFM has made the single their single of the week, and the band is being supported by the BBC, Virgin Radio, NME and the Guardian Guide are all gushing over the brilliance of ìLoosen.î It has that effortlessly timeless pop quality, sounding like it could be a Bacharach-penned blinder from the ë60s or the best song youíve heard in 2003. I vote for the latter.

Double Dragon/Kinetic

Loosen Your Hold