Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Again, This Time With A Bonus DVD

The Flaming Lips will re-release their latest LP, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, on September 2. This "collector's edition" release will include a number of bonus tracks as well as a DVD. The DVD component will actually feature the complete Yoshimi album in DVD Audio 5.1 format, in addition to music videos, making of the videos, a film trailer for the Lips forthcoming movie Christmas On Mars, and more. "Up Above The Daily Hum" and "If I go Mad," two tracks that were recorded in sessions between 1999's The Soft Bulletin and last year's Yoshimi, are just a couple of the audio extras fans can look forward to. "By the end of recording Soft Bulletin, we were kind of done with it," frontman Wayne Coyne told Rolling Stone of the decision to withhold the tracks from the original Yoshimi. "'If I Go Mad' has a lot of the same mood and drama and references of love, death and insanity, and even though we liked it a lot and felt it was powerful, we really didn't want to put out another record and have it be Soft Bulletin 2."

The Flaming Lips also have recently paired with well-endowed Vegas staple Tom Jones to record the theme song for Duck Dodgers, a new animated series on the Cartoon Network.

Additionally, The Flaming Lips are featured on "The Golden Path," the first single from The Chemical Brothers forthcoming retrospective, Singles 93-03. The track is impacting commercial specialty radio this weekend and has already seen some early airplay at stations like KITS-FM/San Francisco and WOXY-FM/Cincinnati. Singles 93-03 will be released on September 30.

In related news, the Lips' Steve Drozd and Lips' producer Dave Fridmann contributed a great deal to the debut album from Steve Burns. Titled Songs For Dustmites, the album was released yesterday (8/12) on [PIAS].

For a full list of Yoshimi "collector's edition" extras, see below.

DISC ONE - CD: Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (full length cd)

DISC TWO - DVD: DVD Audio 5.1 Version (complete album)


"Up Above The Daily Hum"

"Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1" (Japanese version)

"If I Go Mad"

"Do You Realize?" (Floating In Space Remix)

"Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1" (acoustic - AOL Sessions)

"Do You Realize?" (acoustic - CD101 Sessions)


"Do You Realize?" (Mark Pellington - directed)

"Do You Realize?" (Wayne Coyne - directed)

The Making Of "Do You Realize?" video

"Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1"

The Making Of "Yoshimi Battles" video

"Fight Test"

"Phoebe Battles The Pink Robots"
Christmas On Mars Movie Trailer

Making Of "Yoshimi Battles - DVD Audio"

"Are You A Hypnotist??"

Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Again, This Time With A Bonus DVD