Live - Alkaline Trio, Detachment Kit, Get Their Goose On In Chicago

The Detachment Kit played a steamy set, plucking explosive tracks from their They Raging, Quiet Army CD on Self-Starter. Singer Ian Menard, whose stage presence was spastic, tempermental, and adorably feisty all in one, used a bullhorn as they sliced off ìHigh Seas,î ìStill Talking About The Jets,î and various other deadly concoctions, and the flies and mosquitoes tore the Goose Island Festival crowd apart. Letís talk about that crowd for a second, shall we? I love seeing handfuls of indie rockers mixing with 40-something ìwhen I was your age I had hair down to hereî rockers, standing next to corporate businessmen who want to make sure that their event is going smoothly, topped off with old leather faced women who are two fisting drink after drink as they bump into people mumbling, ìwhich one is Pink and which one is Floyd?î

Alkaline Trio played a nostalgic hour-long set for their hometown Chicago fans Saturday night, dusting off tracks from their extensive vault. Alkaline Trio resurrected ìCringeî and ìSan Franciscoî from their Goddammit LP, ìI Lied My Face Off,î ìQueen Of Pain,î and ìNinety-Sevenî which was preceded by a full rock version of ìBlue In The Face,î which appears acoustic on the end of the latest Good Mourning album. ìThis Could Be Love,î ìContinental,î ìAll On Black,î ì100 Stories,î a slight breakdown complete with a few chords ripped from The Cars and some good old Misfits versus ("Last Caress") were pleasing to the ears, as the three piece segued effortlessly into ìEmma.î

Skiba's voice sounded well, Danny always shines, and holy balls if the Alkaline Trio are one of the most exciting bands in rock today. Look for Alkaline Trio to shoot a video for "All on Black" soon. I'm going to listen to my new picture disc for "We've Had Enough" that just arrived from Ebay...

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live - Alkaline Trio, Detachment Kit, Get Their Goose On In Chicago