Placebo Re-Release Sleeping With Ghosts Paired With Covers CD

The UKís premiere gothic guitar manglers, Placebo are planning to re-release their most recent album, Sleeping With Ghosts, with an added bonus for all fans to pick it up. Now a double disc, the second disc will consist of all the covers the band has ever recorded. Included on the CD is their version of T Rexís ì20th Century Boyî from Velvet Goldmine, a rendition of ìBigmouth Strikes Againî by The Smiths that they did for the The Queen Is Dead 10-year anniversary cover record, The Smiths Is Dead, and their recent B-side, ìWhere Is My Mindî which Pixies frontman Frank Black recently said made him more money than any Pixies single had before. There are even unreleased bits like Placeboís version of ìI Feel Youî by Depeche Mode. The two-CD set will hit UK shelves on September 22 via Hut. Check below for the entire list of covers.

Placeboís cover compilation tracklisting:

Kate Bush - ìRunning Up That Hillî

The Pixies - ìWhere Is My Mindî

The Smiths - ìBigmouth Strikes Againî

Robert Palmer - ìJohnny And Maryî

T-Rex - ì20th Century Boyî

Serge Gainsbourg - ìThe Ballad Of Melody Nelsonî

Alex Chilton - Holocaustî

Depeche Mode - ìI Feel Youî

Boney M - ìDaddy Coolî

Sinead O' Connor - ìJackieî

Placebo Re-Release Sleeping With Ghosts Paired With Covers CD