Duos are all the rage these days, arenít they? From The White Stripes to Quasi to The Kills, twosomes are anything but gruesome. Hereís another to add to your list: Winnebago Deal. These two boys named Ben from the English college town of Oxford (also home to Radiohead, Supergrass, Ride and Swervedriver, for you trainspotters out there) create such a racket, youíd swear there were at least two more of them. Sounding like a combination of Burning Brides, Local H (ooh! another duo!) and Queens Of The Stone Age, they fuse grunge, punk and garage into a rocket-fuelled six-string-and-drum tornado, taking no prisoners. ìHunt it, hunt it down, get that sonofabitch outta town,î screams, uh, Ben. He could very well be talking about any competition, as this pair looks to win the survival of the fittest. Darwin would be proud.

Winnebago Deal
Fierce Panda