Epic To Release Rage's Final Shows, Captured on DVD & CD

Agit rockers supreme Rage Against The Machine will have their final(?) shows cataloged in upcoming CD and DVD releases. Live At The Olympic Auditorium will chronicle the bandís last gigs, held September 12 and 13 of 2000 in Los Angeles. The DVD portion, whose tracklisting is currently not set in stone, according to Billboard.com, was initially believed to be meant for inclusion in the Battle Of Mexico City DVD, but that obviously never panned out. Amongst the myriad tracks on the CD are band favorites ìBulls On Parade,î ìSleep Now In The Fire,î and ìKilling In The Name Of,î as well as covers like ìHow I Could Just Kill A Manî by Cypress Hill, EPMDís ìIím Housiníî and ìKick Out The Jamsî by the mighty MC5. Both the CD and DVD will hit shelves via Epic on November 18 and if youíd like to see the CDís tracklisting, keep reading below.

Live At The Olympic Auditorium CD tracklisting:

"Kick Out the Jams"

"Bulls on Parade"


"Calm Like a Bomb"

"Bullet in the Head"

"Microphone Fiend"

"Sleep Now in the Fire"

"War Within a Breath"

"I'm Housin'"

"Killing in the Name Of"

"Born of a Broken Man"

"No Shelter"


"Beautiful World"


"How Could I Just Kill a Man" (bonus track)

Epic To Release Rage's Final Shows, Captured on DVD & CD