No Push Collide

Damn, can these Serafin lads come up with some memorable hooks. Sharing a headspace and mutual musical understanding with UK stratospheric guitar wranglers Muse and Placebo, Serafinís debut album, No Push Collide, warms up the amps and keeps ëem hot throughout the listening experience. Angular riffs run rampant on No Push from album opener ìStephenís In The Skyî to ìThings Fall Apart,î ìLethargyî and the excellent US debut single ìDay By Day.î The latter three are especially braindrainingly hooktastic, taking up hours of your day by running freely about your skull. Singer Ben Fox Smith sure has come a long way from his previous incarnation fronting V2 act Stony Sleep, injecting each and every song with attitude and snarlingly making them his own.
But, itís the guitars on No Sleep that you will find drawing you back time and time again to this CD, seemingly absent mindedly hitting play over and over. Except itís not absent mindedness. Youíre hooked. Itís Serafin.

Taste Media/Elektra

No Push Collide