Silence Is Easy

Wow. That was my first reaction upon hearing ìSilence Is Easy,î the new single from UK quartet Starsailor. Wow, because it surpassed my every expectation of the band from Chorley. Their debut album, Love Is Here, had one great song, ìGood Souls,î and a few OK ones. ìSilence,î however, surpasses the lot in one fell swoop. One of the two products of a sustained recording period with famed Wall of Sound producer Phil Spector, ìSilence,î the title track to the bandís upcoming sophomore album, is a grandiose pop gem. Strings, echoing drums, and the ëSailorís trademark keyboard sound are all in effect, but the strongest bit is James Walshís vocal treatment. The cherubic frontman is a father now and his singing is better than ever, full of force and richly mature in depth. A sing along anthem, ìSilence Is Easyî is an epic pop moment in waiting. You just wait and see.


Silence Is Easy