Promises, Promises

Chug chug chugga chugga chug chug chugga chugga. Right from the jump, The Cooper Temple Clauseís new single, ìPromises, Promisesî goes for the jugular and doesnít let go throughout its masterful three minutes and eighteen seconds. A hook-laden affair, this tasty nugget is a straight-forward bit of rock majesty. Riffs sprout as if from trees and suddenly youíre in the Forest of Guitar Mayhem. Oh, but what a forest it is. Fresh off their incendiary set in their hometown festival, this sextet from Reading drop their highly-anticipated sophomore album, Kick Up The Fire And Let The Flames Break Loose next week and if itís anything like the single, the UK is going to have a new set of indie guitar heroes. The Coopers were already on the precipice of Next Big Thing, but ìPromisesî sees them jumping off the edge and into the abyss of potential greatness. Careful navigation, boys.

The Cooper Temple Clause
Morning Records

Promises, Promises