Take Them On, On Your Own

None more black than these lot, but with the force of Take Them On, On Your Own, people are going to stop talking about Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubís surly attitudes and black clothing and focus purely on the amazing album they have just written. With the groundwork they laid for the one-story house that was their self-titled debut, they have now built a multi-story mansion with Take Them On. Premiere single ìStopî starts the audio barrage, a low-slung bassline from Robert Turner serving to support Peter Hayesí washed-out guitar bits. It may be the single, but itís hardly the sole touch of class on the album. A searing lick kicks off ìSix Barrel Shotgun,î whose name is perfect, the track exploding in your brain. ìUS Governmentî finds the SF/LA/London amalgamation at their most protesting, railing ìI bought my legs from the US Government to keep me in lineî over the top of a rumbling riff that seems to emanate from the deepest seas. Itís not all hellfire, brimstone and six-string savagery, however, as ìI Am Achingî proves with grace, emotive vocals backed with a plaintive acoustic guitar to heartbreaking effect. Your favorite album of the year just arrived. You can thank them later.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Take Them On, On Your Own