Darkness Ready For US Takeover, Album Moved Up

For once, an American label is capitalizing on the buzz garnered from across the pond and moving up a record's release date. The soon-to-be most talked about record of 2003, The Darknessí debut, Permission To Land, was initially scheduled for a 2004 street date. However, with the band currently omnipresent in their home country of England and with Permission entering the UK charts at #2 earlier this summer, the powers that be at Atlantic have gotten the wheels in motion and the album will now drop on September 16. Prepare yourself for spandex catsuits, ë80s hair rock looks, and songs aplenty. Live shows are in the works, also. Well, three of them. Canadaís biggest city and the two most populous US cities (thatís Toronto, NYC and LA to those of you who are fact-challenged) will host rock & roll evenings with Hawkins brothers and crew later this month. This band is imminently catchy and loveable. Get ready to join the Dark side.

Darkness 3-date North American, uh, ìtourî:

09.18.03 - New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom)

09.20.03 - Toronto, ON (Lee's Palace)

09.22.03 - Los Angeles, CA (Roxy)

Darkness Ready For US Takeover, Album Moved Up