Strokes & KOL Become Travelling Partners-In-Crime

I guess itís only fitting that one of the hottest bands of 2001 would hit the road with one of the hottest bands of 2003. The Strokes, the golden children of two years ago, are hitting the road in celebration of their sophomore album, Room On Fire, and are bringing the band dubbed as a Southern Fried Strokes, Kings Of Leon, with them. The tour is not fully planned as of yet, but some dates are known, including a two-night kick-off event in Philadelphia on October 9 and 10. Only seven dates have so far been announced but those seven are so spread out that the final known show is in Houston on November 7. Obviously, more news as this tour becomes further fleshed out.

Strokes/Kings Of Leon tour dates:

10.09.03 - Philadelphia, PA (Tower Theater)

10.10.03 - Philadelphia, PA (Tower Theater)

10.12.03 - Baltimore, MD (UMBC Theater)

10.14.03 - Toronto, ON (Hershey Center)

10.16.03 - Detroit, MI (State Theater)

10.31.03 - Boston, MA (Tsongas Arena)

11.07.03 - Houston, TX (Verizon Wireless Theater)

Strokes & KOL Become Travelling Partners-In-Crime