Live - Dandy Warhols Set The Night Alight in DC, Philly

It was the weekend for which I had been waiting three years, The Dandy Warhols back in Washington. Unsure of when The Dandy Warhols will play here again, I tacked on a second show the next night in Philly. A billed ìevening withî means no openers on the current tour, just three hours of unadulterated Dandys, or, in Andy Warhol terms, I got 15 minutes with my heroes 24 times over. I also got my first Philly cheesesteak, mmmm, at Jimís on South Street. Both shows had the crowd solemnly treated to the late Johnny Cashís American IV CD in the 30 minutes leading up to Portlandís finest gracing the stage. At DCís 9:30 Club, Courtney Taylor-Taylor started the show by diving right into an a capella version of ìRing Of Fire.î That helped set the tone for a space rock journey charting several constellations and a heavenly body of songs from four albums.

The sold out crowd was mesmerized from the start as the band effortlessly worked in songs from each record. Interpretations of new tracks from Welcome to the Monkey House blended in perfectly as they were given a fuzzy shoegazer makeover. The band only played four songs off the record each night; ìI Am Over It,î ìWe Used to be Friends,î ìLast High,î and, ìCome In Burned,î which featured Courtney on percussion. During a break in play the band solicited requests from the audience and selected Duran Duranís ìRio,î appropriate enough with Monkeyhouse featuring Nick Rhodesí knob-twisting. The DWís take on the Durannies fit snugly into place, sounding more like it was cut from the cloth of a baggie Manchester outfit than the New Romantic Duransters.

Phillyís set at The Trocadero was just as sonically pleasing as DCís, with a more responsive crowd demonstrating it is possible to mosh to Dandy songs. The set nearly remained the same from the night prior, the most notable changes were Kristin Hersh and Rolling Stones covers mixed into the latter part of the set. Highlights included ìHorse Pills,î by far the most energetic song of the set, a trio from The Dandy Warhols Come Down LP, ìBe In,î ìCool As Kim Dealî and ìGood Morning,î and a partial version of The Smithsí ìThere Is A Light That Never Goes Out.î

My final 15 minutes now up just after midnight, I headed down I-95 to Washington fully satisfied and pleased to see The Dandys continue to withstand the test of time and prove themselves one of the most underrated acts of the last ten years.

Source: Mike Fink

Live - Dandy Warhols Set The Night Alight in DC, Philly