October 14 Sees Online Release Of Streets Mini-Album

Who says artists arenít paying attention to the digital revolution? Mike Skinner of The Streets is, for one. On October 14, via paid download, heíll be releasing All Got Our Runnins, an 8-track mini album that contains the title track, a vocal and instrumental version of ìStreets Scoreî and remixes from the like of Ashley Beedle and Mr. Figit. The Streets even remix themselves, with a little help from Roll Deep. The album will be available from ìthe industry's leading on-line retailersî and to top it all off, The Streets, who are up for the Shortlist Music Prize, will perform at those very awards at the Wiltern Theatre on October 5.

All Got Our Runnins tracklisting:

ìStreets Score (instrumental)î

ìGive Me Back My Lighterî

ìAll Got Our Runninsî

ìLetís Push Things Forward (The Streets remix feat. Roll Deep)î

ìDonít Mug Yourself (Mr. Figit remix)î

ìWeak Become Heroes (Ashley Beedleís Love Bug Vocal)î

ìItís Come To This (The Streets vs. High Contrast)î

ìStreets Scoreî

October 14 Sees Online Release Of Streets Mini-Album