Another NYC band. God damn. They say bad political times are good for music and the mythical ìtheyî are right again. NYC quartet Stellastarr* became a full-fledged band in 2000 with the addition of guitarist Michael Jurin and released an indie EP in December of last year, before wowing industry heads and fans alike at this yearís South By Southwest festival. RCA knew a good thing when they heard it and they snapped the ëstarr* right up and threw them into the recording studio. The self-titled debut is out next week, and the dark, ë80s-influenced indie pop of ìJennyî is the first taster. Owing a good deal to The Pixies and mixing in heavy doses of art-punk and primal energy, the track is a winner from the first listen. Donít believe me? Give it a go yourself. Youíll see exactly what I mean.

20-20 Recordings/RCA