M?tley Cr¸e Get Loud As Fuck On New Greatest Hits Package

It's finally here. The definitive M?tley Cr¸e collection will hit shelves on October 13 through Universal Music/M?tley Records. The two-CD, one-DVD set has been dubbed Loud As Fuck and will include nearly 40 classic Cr¸e tracks and 10 promo videos available for the first time on DVD. A 12-page full-color booklet featuring exclusive liner notes by Dante Bonutto, a former editor of Kerrang! who helped develop the project, and a luxury eight panel DVD-sized digipack are also included with the comp. Check out the full tracklisting below.

Loud As Fuck

Disc One

01. "Wild Side"

02. "Too Fast For Love"

03. "Shout At The Devil"

04. "A Rat Like Me"

05. "Primal Scream"

06. "Save Our Souls"

07. "Dancing on Glass"

08. "Bitter Pill"

09. "Dr. Feelgood"

10. "You're All I Need"

11. "Piece Of Your Action"

12. "Red Hot"

13. "Find Myself"

14. "Punched in The Teeth"

15. "Smokin' In The Boys Room"

16. "Poison Apples"

17. "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)"

18. "Starry Eyes"

19. "Danger"

Disc Two

01. "Kickstart My Heart"

02. "Looks That Kill"

03. "Louder Than Hell"

04. "Take Me To The Top"

05. "Girls, Girls, Girls"

06. "Afraid"

07. "Hooligan's Holiday"

08. "Keep Your Eye On The Money"

09. "Glitter"

10. "Too Young To Fall In Love"

11. "Merry-Go-Round"

12. "All In The Name of..."

13. "Hell On High Heels"

14. "Live Wire"

15. "Tonight (We Need A Lover)"

16. "Knock 'Em Dead Kid"

17. "Beauty"

18. "Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S)"

19. "Home Sweet Home"


01. "Live Wire"

02. "Looks That Kill"

03. "Home Sweet Home"

04. "Wild Side"

05. "Girls, Girls, Girls"

06. "Dr. Feelgood"

07. "Same Ol' Situation"

08. "Hooligan's Holiday"

09. "Primal Scream"

10. "Hell On High Heels"

M?tley Cr¸e Get Loud As Fuck On New Greatest Hits Package