Dalai Lama Spreads The Love In Central Park

If we all start to really practice compassion and affection towards one another ñ we will in fact gain trust. If we gain trust, then if/when conflicts occur, because we have developed such trust there will be no negative emotions and violence will not be an option to resolve conflict. And on a larger scale, war would never be an option.

These and so many more extraordinary words came yesterday from the 14th Dalai Lama, during his free talk in the East Meadow of Central Park. This was his third visit to Central Park and it was nothing short of enlightening. I have never had the privilege to be in his presence until yesterday and I will never forget it.

What amazes me is the simplicity of his message. It is all really so simple when itís broken down for us, yet as much as I saw people nodding their heads, applauding or just smiling I really have my doubts about how many practice what they preach. Who really left that field yesterday and took the message of compassion with them?

I have been trying to write what the experience was like to approach the field and hear and see 12 monks on stage chanting. They all had mics on so the entire field and surrounding areas could hear. It was truly one of the most incredible and soothing things I have been a part of. It was easy to close my eyes and mediate as well because I was able to focus on their sounds. Many people need that focus, whether it be a mantra or a mala bead, but I personally found the chanting the easiest way thus far for me to clear my mind. It was one of the most impressive things I have seen. At times I felt like I should go away and leave them alone. They produced the most beautiful sounds and for such long intervals.

Richard Gere came out a little bit after 12pm with a short introduction and then the Dalai Lama came out, greeted everyone, and sat in his chair to begin. Nothing I can write will do this justice so all I have done below is rewritten wrote some bits and pieces of what he said.

We are all just human beings with the same desires: the desire for a happy and peaceful life. Happiness in life is the purpose of our being. So itís logical, that we will make an effort to achieve that happy life.

We have the same goals as animals: to have a happy life without disturbances. Only we differ from animals because we have intelligence and with that we look more long term, look wider which can have negative effects.

There are 2 levels of experiences physical and mental. Physical is strong and immediate but mental is superior and more important. When there is physical pain ñ it will subdue. Mental pain cannot subdue by physical comfort.

I have talked to millionaires who tell me about their worries. These are folks who have more money they know what to do with ñ and still have worries. The people of Tibet have an incredibly hard physical life ñ yet are mentally the most peaceful.

These physical comforts ñ you seek the answers from the external ñ this is NOT CORRECT.
Mental pains come from the mind itself, comes from too much expectation. We need to seek more affection to reduce mental worry.

Why do we say friendly fire? What does that mean? Does that mean that the bullet hurt less? Does it make a difference mentally? No, it was the same bullet.

Why are so many troubled when they reach old age. When you are older ñ you are wiser and more experienced. This is what is important and you need to feel good about it. Too many complain that their eyesight is going and their bodies are frail. But that is just realistic ñ that is what happens. If we all say we want to live a long life ñ this is what will happen physically. Then death ñ which is natural. People are too often afraid to use the word death ñ but death is normal.

Think more inner value (regarding ourselves). Donít neglect this.

Whether you are religious or not ñ it is more important to have a compassionate heart.

Basic human nature should be more gentleness ñ more compassion.

War is an out of date concept. The destruction of your neighbor is the destruction of yourself.

War is legalized violence.

Environmental concerns should be instinctive; part of daily life.

Peace is not just absence of violence but any act out of concern or compassion. We need to put more of an effort to promote non-violence.

9/11 took months if not years to calculate. The human brain prepared that ñ sometimes a smart brain is used as destructive. If there is more compassion, brain will reduce hatred. If you reduce hatred ñ you reduce negative emotion. Need to promote trust. How? By affection and compassion.

In the future ñ when conflicts arise that war might be an option ñ there needs to be more of an effort on that of the peace representatives to promote non-violence. A leader makes a decision about going to war and thatís that?? The citizens are behind him?
People like Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel, Jimmy Carter - we all must show that there is a non-violent meaningful effective method.

(Regarding anticipation and physical desires) I met with a business man who said for profit, he needed to build more prisons. So then what do you have to do?? FILL the prisons.

If there is a problem that has a solution ñ there is no need to be worried by it. If there isnít a solution, there is no need to be worried by it (quoting 13th century poet Mevlana Rumi).

Dalai Lama Spreads The Love In Central Park