Nashville doesnít exactly scream ìatmospheric guitar rock.î It essentially screams rednecks, Rancheros and Red Bull & moonshine. Until now, that is. Meet Celebrity, a pair of brothers and two friends who decided that although their Driverís Licenses said Tennessee, their mental passports had stamps from London, Manchester, Seattle and many places in between. Layered guitars, dynamic percussion and frontman Lance Blackís soulful delivery combine like Voltron to form instantly memorable songs on Lovesick. First single ìDisconnectedî features a chorus most bands spend their entire career trying to write and ìCaveî has that familiar feel, as well, perhaps due to featuring on the Swimfan soundtrack. Quality tunes run throughout their debut, with the albumís title track evoking Britpop old schoolers Gene while the epic ìSon To A Fatherî feels like a down-tempo Catherine Wheel song, with piano added for further mood-setting. If multi-textured guitar records are your thing (think the music of Doves, Psychedelic Furs, Puressence, Longview, even aspects of early Sunny Day Real Estate), then donít hesitate: sign up for the cult of Celebrity.

Doghouse Records