REM Hits Package To Include Bonus Rarities Disc & DVD Release

The final details of the upcoming R.E.M best of, In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003, have finally been made available. Picking up where 1988ís Eponymous left off, In Time culls the best tracks from Green, Out Of Time, Automatic For The People, Monster, New Adventures In Hi-Fi,Up, and Reveal, as well as throwing in two new songs. So expect to find hits like ìOrange Crush,î ìLosing My Religion,î ìNightswimming,î ìDaysleeperî and ìWhatís The Frequency, Kennethî alongside newbies ìAnimalî and ìBad Day.î There is even a bonus second rarities disc with live tracks, B-sides and alternate versions. To top it all off, a DVD, whose tracklisting is still a bit up in the air, is planned, with promo videos and live renditions expected to make up its composition. All the goodies are due to be in stores on October 28.

Tracklisting for In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003

"Man on the Moonî

"The Great Beyondî

"Bad Dayî

"What's the Frequency, Kenneth?î

"All the Way to Renoî

"Losing My Religionî

"E-Bow the Letterî

"Orange Crushî

"Imitation of Lifeî



"The Sidewinder Sleeps Toniteî



"All the Right Friendsî

"Everybody Hurtsî

"At My Most Beautifulî


Bonus disc tracklisting:

"Pop Song 89" (acoustic)
"Turn You Inside-out" (live)



"It's a Free World Babyî

"Drive" (live)

"Star Me Kitten" featuring William S. Burroughs


"Leave" (alternate version)

"Why Not Smile" (alternate version)

"The Lifting" (demo version)

"Beat a Drum" (demo version)


"The One I Love" (live)

"Country Feedback" (live)

REM Hits Package To Include Bonus Rarities Disc & DVD Release