Monday Express: Jailed Libertine Glad; Stereophonics Drummer Sad

As was rumored last week on The Tripwire, Libertinesí jailed co-founder Pete Doherty has indeed had his sentence reduced. His lawyer appealed the courtís initial sentence of six months, bringing up that not only was Doherty a drug addict but he was not given a reduced sentence for pleading guilty, saving the court many hours of potential court time. The new sentence is two months, with time off for good behavior, which means Doherty could be out as soon as next week. No firm word as to a potential reunion with his ex-mates, as of yet.

In following up another news item of last week, you may remember that The Stereophonics and drummer Stuart Cable parted ways last week due to ìcommitment issuesî on Cableís part. Not so fast. It seems Cable canít really sort out why he was let go. Since he can say it better than I can, find his statement posted below.

"As has been published, I underwent a minor operation whilst in the US and was unable to play two of the gigs. My doctor subsequently told me I was able to continue the US tour. However, (Stereophonics singer) Kelly (Jones) and (bassist) Richard () suggested I return to the UK to recuperate for the forthcoming UK and European tours.

"Last Monday evening, Richard and Kelly telephoned me from the US and I was stunned to be told that they had decided to sack me. I still want to continue to be a part of the Stereophonics and play on the band's forthcoming UK and European tours. I am, and have always been, a fully committed member of the Stereophonics and am very upset that Kelly seems to be saying that I was not committed to the band."

As you can tell, this hardly looks the end of this scenario, so expect to read more about it in the coming days and weeks.

Monday Express: Jailed Libertine Glad; Stereophonics Drummer Sad