Singles 93-03

Have the Chemical Brothers really been around that long? Jesus, thatís a long time. But, upon listening to their greatest hits package, Singles 93-03, you realize just how many great songs they have and how different many of them are to each other. Of course, thereís the original acid breakbeat of early rumpshakers like ìChemical Beatsî and ìLeave Homeî and the permanently epic ìBlock Rockiní Beats,î but thatís not the only side to the duo of Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands. Also included is the space disco of ìHey Boy Hey Girl,î the second Noel Gallagher guest appearance (along with ìSetting Sunî), ìLet Forever Be,î and more recent work like ìThe Testî and ìOut Of Control,î featuring Bernard Sumner of New Order. Two new tracks even appear, the seemingly ubiquitous ìThe Golden Path,î featuring The Flaming Lips and ìGet Yourself Highî with guest rapper K-OS. Of course, any fan worth their turntables already has all of these songs save the last two, but itís only when you hear the range of dance anthems these two have produced that their real quality and place in musical history is evident.

The Chemical Brothers

Singles 93-03