Mr. Brightside

Being named The Killers and being from Las Vegas just reeks of flying Vs and mullets and date rape. But donít let a little name and a hometown fool you. This quartet of young hipsters is as far from that description as is possible. A synth-heavy, ë80s-leaning act, these boys aren't going to do any killing, except maybe on the dance floor and with the ladies. Often compared to the sounds of Duran Duran, The Killers definitely are taken straight out of a John Hughes film, all chimy guitars, time-travelling synths and fervent percussion. Each member of the band even has a celebrity doppelganger, with drummer Ronnie Vannucci an amalgamation of George W. and Andy Kaufman, bass player Mark Stoermer looking like a much more socially skilled Nikolai Fraiture of The Strokes, while guitarist David Keuning is a dead ringer for Jason Patric circa Lost Boys and frontman Brandon Flowers reminds one of Henry Thomas when he was the one and only Elliott of E.T. fame. ìMr. Brightsideî is one of my favorite songs of the year, amazingly the sum of Soft Cellís ìItís A Muggs Gameî and ìMonday Morning 5:19î by suave UK rockers Rialto. If that sounds good, it was even better live. Make sure to catch The Killers before they catch you.

The Killers
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Mr. Brightside