Dear Catastrophe Waitress

Weíve got rhythm, yes we do; weíve got rhythm, how about YOU? No, this isnít a high school football game. What it is, however, is the new album by Belle & Sebastian, Dear Catastrophe Waitress. Ex-Buggle Trevor Horn sat behind the desk for this record and whether itís down to him that itís got a little extra boogie, I canít say; but it does boogie. From the shuffle of ì(I Believe In) Travelliní Lightî or ìAsleep On A Sunbeam,î to the manic rate of the title track, there is definitely a concerted effort to pick up the pace. Not to worry, however; Belle & Sebastian havenít turned into KoRn - theyíve just added a meatier underside to their ever-present pop sensibilities, as on the chiming guitar-filled, Jim Croce-esque ìIím A Cuckoo.î And to top it all off, the Scots have a song called ìPiazza, New York Catcher.î How can you not love that?

Belle & Sebastian
Rough Trade/Sanctuary

Dear Catastrophe Waitress