Underworld's Anthology Culls Best Of Past Ten Years

A number of weeks ago, we brought you news of the pending Underworld 10-year anniversary album. Today, we bring you the details. Isnít it silly how that works? Anthology 1992-2002 will be a two-disc affair and will showcase past highlights like ìBorn Slippy (Nuxx),î ìRez,î ìDark & Long (Dark Train),î and ìPearlís Girl,î as well as newer hits like ìTwo Months Off,î ìKing Of Snakeî and ìPush Upstairs.î To reward the fans, theyíve even thrown on two new songs, ìBig Mouthî and ìDirty.î Thatís mighty nice of them! Catch Anthology when it hits shelves on November 3 in the UK and on November 18 in the States via JBO/V2. If you canít wait that long, buy the import single of ìBorn Slippy,î on October 20, as it features remixes by Paul Oakenfold and Underworld themselves.

Anthology 1992-2002 tracklisting:

Disc one:

ìBig Mouthî


ìMmm Skyscraper I Love Youî



ìDirty Epicî

ìDark and Long (Dark Train)î

Disc two


ìBorn Slippy (Nuxx)î

ìPearlís Girlî


ìPush Upstairsî


ìShudder/King of Snakeî

ì8 Ballî

ìTwo Months Offî

Underworld's Anthology Culls Best Of Past Ten Years