This Is The Last Time

Yay! A new Keane single! My favorite discovery of 2003 follow up their wonderful debut single, ìEverybodyís Changing,î with an equally lovely release, ìThis Is The Last Time.î Full of three live favorites, the EPís tracks are keepers each and every one. Tom Chaplin has the voice of a choirboy and the trio have a way with a tune. Bouncy pianos, crisp percussion and that singularly floating vocal talent carry each song to dizzy heights. Itís no surprise that a bidding war ensued over this act, with Island UK and Interscope taking the spoils at the end of the day. What it means for most of you is that you will soon be able to share in the joy that is Keane. Good deal for you, really

Fierce Panda

This Is The Last Time