Waves: BBC Sessions 1990-1994

Few 1990s bands can stir me like Ride. The Stone Roses, Adorable, Swervedriver, and Catherine Wheel were all very special to me in the early ë90s, as were the quartet from Oxford. Now that guitarist/singer Andy Bell is now plying his trade in Oasis and frontman Mark Gardener has been playing his songs and Ride songs side by side, now is a perfect time for the release of Waves, an album of BBC Sessions recorded between 1990 and 1994. Well, it was a perfect time two months ago when the album came out in the UK, but it's now out domestically, so you cheapskates can go pick it up. So many brilliant songs are included, from early washier numbers like ìDreams Burn Downî and ìLike A Daydreamî to RideísWho-esque era of epic tunes like ìNot Fazed,î ìMouse Trap,î and the truly amazing ìTime Of Her Time.î ìLetís Get Lostî and ìI Donít Know Where It Comes Fromî remind the listener of the greatness that was Ride circa 1994 and they even throw in their cover of Pale Saints' ìSight Of Youî to please even the craftiest of completists. So many of these live studio recordings are excellent, adding new levels to songs already loved. Now, I just need them to reform! My fingers are crossed.

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Waves: BBC Sessions 1990-1994