Get Born

Like their supersonic namesake, Australian quartet Jet are making a lot of noise and traveling very quickly up the musical ranks. Taking much from their compatriots AC/DC, as well as Rod Stewart and Ronnie Woodís rock act The Faces, Jet rock like itís the ë70s with reckless abandon. Their debut, Get Born, is an explosive mix of screaming guitars and swaggering vocals. And donít let the fact that drummer Chris Cester also sometimes sings or the fact that he has a beard like Grizzly Adams. This is no Phil Collins or ZZ Top action here; this is rip-roaring glamtastic rock & roll at its finest. And from the sheer quantity of advertisements Jetís music is popping up in, it seems advertisers think the same thing. Riffs bounce off walls on ìRollover DJî before the sing-along chorus jumps in, just begging to be screamed along to at any live Jet event, while the omnipresent ìAre You Gonna Be My Girlî starts off sounding like ìYou Canít Hurry Love,î then turns into ìLust For Life,î before barrelling down the rock & roll highway at breakneck speed. Itís not all amps-to-11 and lines of blow for all, however. They can get in touch with their softer side, too, as on the Beatles-esque ìLook What Youíve Done.îWe all knew the garage rock revival was go. We just didnít know it was now moving faster than the speed of sound.


Get Born