Live - The Strokes Kick Off Three Nights In LA @ Viper Room

"Is this is a small venue show or a corporate gig?," Julian asked the 200 or so lucky few who scored entry in to the famed Viper Room Monday night to catch a private KROQ concert that kicks off three nights for The Strokes in LA. Good question, Mr. Casablancas. On the one hand, it was indeed something conceived inside the think-tank that is Infinity Broadcasting, but this one was for the fans, and Julian took no prisoners. Gigs like this usually cater to those in the know and they are staid affairs with people standing and watching, not rocking. Of course, you had the smattering of Hollywood types - Gwen & Gavin, Fab's girl Drew, Kelly Osbourne, Roman Coppola, Donna A., and the boys from Phantom Planet - but the room was packed mostly with fans who won tickets from KROQ, which was why Julian was a little pissed off that the crowd wasn't more energetic. In true, rock star fashion, Julian got right down into the crowd to sing "The End Has No End" and "Last Night," and shook things up. From then on out it was chaos, with Julian encouraging people to come up on stage, and security having a tough time containing them. The set was a good mix of selections from the quintet's latest RCA offering Room on Fire (in stores 10.28.03) and 2001's Is This It. If there was any doubt, these guys are for real.


"Under Control"

"Hard To Explain"

"What Ever Happened?"



"I Can't Win"

"The Modern Age"


"New York City Cops"

"Last Nite"


"Automatic Stop"

"Take It Or Leave It"

Live - The Strokes Kick Off Three Nights In LA @ Viper Room