Chan Marshall, Laetitia Sadier & Other Indie Rockers Get Poetic

Iím not sure that you knew this, but a lot of indie kids like poetry! I know, shocker, right? Now, some of their heroes are reciting various works of Nobel laureate George Seferis on a new CD. 16 Haiku & Other Stories will feature the vocals of such noteworthy musicians such as Chan Marshall of Cat Power, Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab, Robert Wyatt of Soft Machine, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth and others over the music of Akis Boyatzis of Sigmatropic. The album is due out on January 20 on Thirsty Ear, so get your librarianís outfit on and get ready to feel smart.

Robert Wyatt - ìIntroductionî

Laetitia Sadier - ìHaiku Oneî

Martine Roberts - ìHaiku Twoî

Mark Mulcahy - ìHaiku Threeî

Alejandro Escovedo - ìHaiku Fourî

Carla Torgerson - ìHaiku Fiveî

Carla Torgerson, Akis Boyatzis - ìHaiku Sixî

Akis Boyatzis - ìHaiku Sevenî

Edith Frost - ìHaiku Eightî

Mark Eitzel - ìHaiku Nineî

Cat Power - "Haiku Tenî

Simon Joyner - ìHaiku Elevenî

Lee Ranaldo - ìHaiku Twelveî

Alex Gordon - ìHaiku Thirteenî

Akis Boyatzis - ìHaiku Fourteenî

John Grant - ìHaiku Fifteenî

James William Hindle - ìHaiku Fifteenî

Lee Ranaldo - ìHaiku Sixteenî

James Sclavonos - ìDead Seaî

Pinkie Maclure - ìWater Warmî

Howe Gelb - ìThis Human Bodyî

Steve Wynn - ìThe Jasmineî

Chan Marshall, Laetitia Sadier & Other Indie Rockers Get Poetic