Much has been said about New York rockers The Rapture. Part of a huge NYC art-rock uprising, The Rapture hooked up with ex-UNKLE co-founder Tim Goldsworthy and his new DFA production team, released the brilliant ìHouse Of Jealous Loversî (how can you NOT love that damn cowbell?), were the focus of an intense record company bidding war, won by Mercury/Universal and have now delivered their debut record, Echoes. Itís a dance record, but one that heads off in a handful of directions, sometimes simultaneously. Echoes of New Order and Happy Mondays can be heard, as well as housy beats, squalling sax and the shouts of vocalists Luke Jenner and Mattie Safer. Imagine Talking Heads doing speed with Public Image Limited and having a chicken fight to see whose sound would most influence an album, and youíre close to The Rapture. Hope youíre ready for it.

The Rapture