Green Day Released A New Album Under A Fake Name

WellÖ that's the rumor anyway, but no one really knows for sure. Internet message boards are lighting up with all sorts of conspiracy stories linking The Network, who released their debut Money Money 2020 last month, with Green Day. Beyond the fact that Network's lead singer, Fink, sounds an awful lot like Billie Joe Armstrong, Money Money 2020 was released on Adeline Records, an indie label co-owned by Armstrong and his wife. When asked if there was any truth to the rumors, a spokesperson for Adeline said only, "Adeline Records can neither confirm nor deny this rumor." I was all like, "Damn! Come onÖ just tell me!" but despite my best attempts to extract the truth, Adeline wouldn't budge.

Internet sleuths, as Eonline calls them (I call them people with too much time on their hands) have come up with all sorts of parallels between Green Day and The Network. Some of the more obscure ones are:

1. "Did anyone notice how the four main Green Day albums-- Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod and Warning --start with drums? Guess which other album starts with drums?" (Green Day message board)

2. "If you look at The Network's biography, it says the singer is an Aquarius, and if you know Billie's birthday (17 Feb), he is an Aquarius." (Green Day message board)

3. "This might sound weird and kinda stalker-ish, but if you have a look at the picture of the Network at the Adeline site, the drummer's leg looks like Tre's, and Tre is the only drummer I know that always wears shorts or short Dickie pants when he drums." (Greendayfanuk)

Australian website claims to know that The Network's The Snoo and Z are actually members of Devo.

Regardless of who they are, tastemaker station Live 105 in San Francisco has taken the lead and added "Supermodel Robots" into rotation. The band also has a gig at Hollywood's Key Club next month.

If the true identity of The Network is ever revealed - if the masks are ever taken off, rest assured we will be there to spill the beans to you all.

Green Day Released A New Album Under A Fake Name