Heavenly States Do Their Earthly Duty By Hitting Road

San Francisco indie kids The Heavenly States have recently released a new album and canít wait to get on the road to showcase all the new material. Their self-titled album dropped on Future Farmer Records on August 26 and the Oakland trio will get their live gig on for a month and a half before the end of the year. Frontman Ted Nesseth will play a solo acoustic show tonight at CBís 313 Gallery and then heíll hurry home to join his mates for their tour kick off in San Francisco tomorrow night. Theyíll stay on the road for a huge slate of dates, finally ending up in Austin on December 9. Then in the beginning of next year, theyíll head to Milwaukee to record yet another alubm, before heading off to Australia for almost a monthís worth of shows. Whew. Busy beavers, those Heavenly types. Enjoy their video My Friends while you peruse their dates below.

Heavenly States tour dates

10.23.03 - New York, NY (CB's 313 Gallery)

10.24.03 - San Francisco, CA (Hemlock)

10.26.03 - San Juan Capistrano, CA (Coach House)

10.28.03 - Phoenix, AZ (Paper Heart)

10.29.03 - El Paso, TX (Regel Begel)

10.30.03 - Denton, TX (Dan's Silver Leaf)

11.01.03 - New Orleans, LA (The Mermaid Lounge)

11.02.03 - Pensacola, FL (End Of The Line Cafe)

11.05.03 - Atlanta, GA (Smith's Olde Bar)

11.06.03 - Athens, GA (Tasty World)

11.07.03 - Charlotte, NC (Evening Muse)

11.08.03 - Wilmington, NC (Soapbox)

11.14.03 - Philadelphia, PA (Doctor Watson's)

11.15.03 - Jersey City, NJ (Uncle Joe's)

11.16.03 - New York, NY (Knitting Factory)

11.17.03 - Burlington, VT (Club Metronome)

11.19.03 - State College, PA (Darkhorse Tavern)

11.20.03 - Pittsburgh, PA (Quiet Storm)

11.21.03 - Columbus, OH (Bourbon Street Cafe)

11.23.03 - Ypsilanti, MI (Elbow Room)

11.25.03 - Chicago, IL (Empty Bottle)

11.26.03 - Madison, WI (Orpheum Stage Door Theatre)

11.29.03 - Dubuque, IA (The Busted Lift)

11.30.03 - Des Moines, IA (Vaudeville Mews)

12.04.03 - Warrensburg, MO (The Setlist)

12.09.03 - Austin, TX (Flamingo Cantina)

Heavenly States Do Their Earthly Duty By Hitting Road