Here Are We Now

There are doubtless many more glamorously monikered acts than Repairman. However, names arenít everything, as you well know: having a way with a pop song is of great help, as well. This duo of Ben Hardy and Thomas Marsh blend bluesy guitars a la Gomez with laptop savvy beats to produce a low-slung, stoner-friendly groove-oriented tune in ìHere Are We Now.î See, even the Yoda-esque title sounds like a nod to stonerspeak. If you took Badly Drawn Boyís hat off, gave him a shave and handed him the bong and the G4, this is what it may very well sound like. Long Lost Brother Records has something special bubbling under here. Mercury Music Prize nominees Athlete recognized that fact, and invited Repairman out on the road with them. Now itís your turn to recognize the talented repairmen.

Long Lost Brother Records

Here Are We Now