Welcome To The Middle

Oh, to be a fly on the wall during the Laguardia band name brainstorming session. Itís almost like a Reeseís Peanut Butter cup advertisement from long ago. ìLetís name ourselves after a mayor!î ìNo, letís name ourselves after a prominent airport!î someone else counters. ìYour chocolate is in my peanut butter.î ìNo, your peanut butter is on my chocolate.î Itís two great tastes that taste great together! That dual purpose name out of the way, the Philadelphia quartet recorded and released Welcome To The Middle, a tasty little guitar pop nugget. The album is reminiscent of different bands in different places, as sometimes bits of Serafin shine through (ìRoseannaî), sometimes itís Radiohead (the hooktastic ìHoly Ghostî), and on other occasions you can feel the spectre of Blur (ìSensationî). Pretty interesting for some boys from the 215. However, thereís enough going on here to prove this kids are no mere biters. Theyíre currently out on the road with Starlight Mints so drag your lazy ass off the couch and prepare to be wowed.


Welcome To The Middle