Live - Pearl Jam Pull Out All The Stops In Santa Barbara Charity Gig

Brush fires, burning homes, striking Metro Transit mechanics & grocery store workers AND that Terminating governor all werenít enough to slow down my trek from LA up 90 miles north to Santa Barbara. Pearl Jam continued their charitable week by raising well-needed moolah for the Louis Warschaw Prostate Cancer Center at Cedars-Sinai. Aside from the benefit, this was also the bandís first show ever in this ritzy beach town.

Copping a Neil Young move, the show began acoustically and ended electrically with appropriate versions of the same song ñ the Ramonesí ìI Believe In Miracles.î In between, the band didn't miss a beat from their tour earlier this year. They covered
some hits (ìSmall Town,î ìLast Kiss,î ìBlack,î & ìBetter Manî), the seldom played (ìNothingman,î ìFatal,î ìIn My Treeî), a wonderful new song from the forthcoming Tim Burton
movie (ìMan Of The Hourî), and some covers (Johnny Cash, The Byrds, the aforementioned Ramones). Mostly acoustic, the first half of the show was a thrill. The players were in fine
form and Eddie Vedder in excellent voice (but what is the
deal with his platinum hair?? Imagine Barbieís Ken
being thrown into the dryer and you get the idea);
this setting is a rare treat for the obsessed fan
whoís seen one too many electric shows. However, when
they all plugged in and stood up, all were reminded
how mighty this little rock band truly is. To make
the evening a bit special, they brought on Jack
Johnson for some acoustic backup on ìBetter Manî and
ìSoon Forget.î A true rush came when one-time drummer
Jack Irons sat in on a pair of No Code gems. But the
Santa Barbara Bowl went bananas when Chris Cornell strolled out for
two solo acoustic tunes then plugged in for a very
rare reformation of Temple Of The Dog. Shocking and
large grin-inspiring is all I can say. Add the Chili
Peppersí John Frusciante for a couple of Ramones songs
and the night couldnít have gotten much better.

A great cause made that much better by a unique, top notch


* somewhat acoustic portion *

ìI Believe In Miraclesî

ìNothing As It Seemsî



ìThumbing My Wayî

ìElderly Woman In A Small TownÖî

ìMan Of The Hourî


ìCrazy Maryî

ìLast Kissî

ìTwenty Five Minutes To Goî (w/Lyle Workman)

* electric *

ìLove Boat Captainî


ìIn My Treeî (w/Jack Irons on drums)

ìHail Hailî (w/Jack Irons on drums)

ìSave You î

- encore ñ

ìSoon Forgetî (w/Jack Johnson)

ìBetter Manî w/ Ramonesí ìI Wanna Be Your Boyfriendî
(w/Jack Johnson)

ìCanít Change Meî (Chris Cornell solo acoustic)

ìLike A Stoneî (Chris Cornell solo acoustic)

ìHunger Strikeî ñ Temple Of The Dog

ìReach Downî ñ Temple Of The Dog

- encore ñ

ìDanger Zoneî (w/John Frusciante)

ìI Believe In Miraclesî (w/John Frusciante)

- encore ñ

ìSo You Want To Be A Rock ëNí Roll Starî (w/Cornell, Irons, Johnson & Workman)

Source: Matt Surrena,

Live - Pearl Jam Pull Out All The Stops In Santa Barbara Charity Gig