Contest - And The DVD Winners AreÖ

The Directors Label DVD winners have been selected. We had an overwhelming response to this contest - one of our biggest ever. Thanks to all who entered, especially those that took the time to brighten our day with a little humor. And now, on to the winnersÖ


Amber Yeackle (WANZ)

Michel Gondry:

Catonia Whalen (KOCH)

Scott Cunningham (MTV Online)

Allison Wise (Maverick)

Spike Jonze:

Jake Kaplan (KNDD)

Evan Cerasoli (Kerosene Promotion)

Sujan Hong (Beggars/Matador)

Chris Cunningham:

Dough LeFrak (Feisty Management)

Marshall Dickson (Sony Music Label Group)

Drew Patterson (WPGU)

Source: The Tripwire

Contest - And The DVD Winners AreÖ