Hidden Between Sleeves

Things were not looking Immenseís way when the first thing read out about them is that the two founding members are 30 years apart in age. However, the general public doesnít read bandís bios; they listen to their music. Hidden Between Sleeves is an avant-rock explosion, effortlessly and seamlessly blending multiple influences and sounds into one musical quilt. Evocative of a mulch of Radiohead at their most experimental, Sigur Ros without the effects pedals, freeform jazz and light and dark guitar textures, Immense are just that. Hugely cinematic, their songs ebb and flow through your consciousness. Guest vocals are provided by the very-Jeremy Enigk-sounding Rocky Votolato, who unsurprisingly also hails from Washington State. What is surprising, however, is that the vocals were all mailed in from the States, unheard by the band, like an international version of the joyous Postal Service. Rainy days are on their way and a perfect musical accompaniment is now readily available.

Fierce Panda

Hidden Between Sleeves