Welcome To Poppy's

ìStick ëem up punk, itís the Fun Loviní Criminal.î Itís been over seven years since the New York City gangster trio first dropped those lyrics on the unsuspecting world. Between that song and the ubiquitous ìScooby Snacks,î the world seemed the Fun Loviní Criminalsí oyster. But it never happened again in the States for the boys. They moved to the UK, frontman Huey managed to win the heart of Republica lead singer Saffron and gain much press coverage, more often than not for bust ups in bars. Now, the trio, who include bass player Fast and new drummer Mark, are back on the scene with a new release, ìToo Hot,î from a brand new album entitled Welcome To Poppyís. For those of you who have missed FLC, never fear, as ìToo Hotî finds the boys as fiery as ever. Fusing jazzy beats with Hueyís familiar cadence, the song then crescendos into the funktastic chorus. The album is full of taste sensations that are sweeping the nation, from the low-slung ìFriday Night,î to the guitared up ìLost It Allî to the FLC-mainstay sound of ìYou Got A Problem.î FLC are back and itís like they never missed a beat. Cultural references, smooth flow, tight beats and funky hooks are all in the mix, proving once again that even criminals can be fun loviní.

Fun Lovin' Criminals

Welcome To Poppy's