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Coldplay Weed Out Over 40 Songs From Next Album

Theyíre one of the worldís biggest bands and although Coldplay wonít be releasing their third album unitl late 2004, they have announced they also wonít be releasing the OVER 40 songs theyíve already knocked out of contention for the next album. Chris Martin told NME that ìSo far all weíve achieved is managing to scrap 42 songs. I regard that as constructive destruction. Numbers are insignificant. You could say ëIíve written 12 songsí and theyíre all rubbish, or you could say youíve written one song and it could be ëBohemian Rhapsodyí.î Martin went on to profess ìIím glamorising it, but we were just in Chicago and we scrapped a lot of songs." Since it happened in Chitown, I personally blame Matt DuFour, Robert English and the Cubs Fan. I guess it just adds to the fodder for a career-retrospective box set when they are all done.

Coldplay Weed Out Over 40 Songs From Next Album