Crystal Method To Drop New Album On V2, Head Out On DJ Jaunt

Speaker tweaker duo Crystal Method is readying their third assault on the publicís senses with a new album. No longer inked to Geffen, the pair of Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland will drop Legion Of Boom on January 13 via their new sugar daddies, V2. In keeping with the current trend of top quality electronic artists encouraging collaborations on their albums (Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx), the ëMethod are joined on Legion by a range of talented friends. Ex-Limp Bizkit axeman Wes Borland, Bellrays singer Lisa Kelkaula, and Rahzel of The Roots are just among the many guests who appear on the album. To warm up their audiences for the release of this album, their first since 2001ís Tweekend, the twosome will hit the clubs for a short DJ tour. The dates are rather sporadic, but they span a November 14 date in Montreal and roll through a New Years Eve extravaganza in the teamís hometown of Las Vegas. Prepare to shake your ass.

11.14.03 - Montreal, QC (Sona)

11.15.03 - Minneapolis, MN (Quest Club)

11.21.03 - Denver, CO (Rise)

12.13.03 - Chicago, IL (Spundae @ Vision)

12.18.03 - Tucson, AZ (City Limits)

12.20.03 - Tempe, AZ (Club Freedom)

12.31.03 - Las Vegas, NV ñ (Spundae @ House of Blues)

Crystal Method To Drop New Album On V2, Head Out On DJ Jaunt