The American Adventure

Itís been over two years since their brilliant debut album, Holes In The Wall, and the brothers White of Electric Soft Parade have returned with another stellar offering. Still just 18 and 20, respectively, Tom and Alex, put all their myriad ideas down on wax and called it The American Adventure. Itís a wonderful record, owing quite a bit to The Beatles but plenty interesting in its own right. Album jump point ìThings Iíve Done Before,î could have been lifted from their debut, although the slide guitar hook is new for 2003. The album jumps from spacey (ìChaosî) to psychedelic (the title track) to rockiní (ìHeadachevilleî) with no warning, yet each song weighs in heavily on its own merits. The duo switch instruments often during the live experience, so I wouldnít be surprised if they played all the notes on the album, as well. Hereís to hoping someone steps up and picks up the rights to The American Adventure so its quality can be shared by everyone on BOTH sides of the pond.

Electric Soft Parade

The American Adventure