So Much For The City

I defy you, in 2003, to find a more perfect summer band than The Thrills. West Coast pop is back, and itís back in a big way, uh, even if the band is from Ireland. The quintet packed up and moved from Dublin to California on two separate occasions, the first time to San Diego and next to San Francisco, to channel their love of Neil Young and all things West Coast pop, as well as Motownís vibes, into their own trademark sound. And on their debut long-player, So Much For The City, theyíve done just that. Remnants of their California journeys are evident in singles like ìBig Sur,î and ìSanta Cruz (Youíre Not That Far),î the sun still radiating through the speakers with each listen. Guitars jangle, frontman Conor Deasy manages to sound like heís a country and western singer, and almost every tune comes shrink-wrapped with its own sing along chorus. If Kings Of Leon are 2003ís Allman Brothers, The Thrills are its Beach Boys meets Neil Young. With fans numbering Morrissey, Oasis, and Coldplay, the summer of The Thrills is lasting far past its September 21 expiration date. Listen and be remined of the long, warm days of summer.

The Thrills

So Much For The City