Lost Sides

You know all about Doves. You probably have both of their albums, 2000ís Lost Souls and 2002ís Last Broadcast. Youíve seen them live and you know how much they rule. BUT, you probably donít have any of their B-sides. Viola! Itís Lost Sides, the new compilation from the Mancunian trio. While their third album is not yet complete, they wanted to stay fresh in your mind and have dropped this collection, which in its early stages, included a bonus disc featuring remixed tracks by such luminaries as Echoboy, Soulsavers, Four Tet and Chris Coco. The B-sides themselves, if youíre not familiar, are stunning, as well. The bouncy pop of ìYour Shadow Lay Across My Life,î to the sparse ìDown By The Sea,î to the electronic and aptly titled ìCrunch,î this album is chock full of jams. And, since the tracks are all new to you, itís like a lost album. Lost Sides - and you thought you wouldnít get any new Doves this year.


Lost Sides