Live - Ben Lee Writes A New Song For NYC

Ben Lee was in NY this past Tuesday
and Wednesday nights opening for
Phantom Planet. If you were lucky
enough to see him then youíre probably
asking yourself the same question: why
doesnít this artist have his own one-hour talk
show? Yes, besides being a brilliant
songwriter, Ben is filled with incredible wit and
musical knowledge making his mere 24 years
alive seem impossible.

You never know what will happen at a Ben Lee
show. The first night, while tuning his guitar,
Ben asked someone to come on stage and rap
for a bit. Later in the show when Lara
Grayís (keyboard/drums) mic wasnít
sitting still, he invited the same kid, now
known as MC John, to come back on
stage to hold the mic still so Lara could sing.
Phantom Planetís bass player came out on
ìFreedivingî to play drums. And yes, we were
lucky enough to get a brand new song from
Ben that he wrote just that morning. What else
could you ask for ?

Well, you could ask for another night of it.
Wednesday night Ben once again brought
McGowan on guitar. He is incredible
and a great vocalist as well. Joining them
again is Ms. Gray on keyboards and
percussion. She has played with Ben before
and also co wrote ìSomething Borrowed
Something Blueî off his new album. She adds
additional vocal harmony but also brings to
the table a rhythm section that didnít exist
last tour, as she drums while Ben plays bass.
They are really in tune with one another; one
time Ben stopped a song in the middle
because Lara didnít seem up to par at the
moment and Ben wanted to make sure all was
well. It got sorted out and when they are on,
the melodies are fabulous. Opening up with
ìNothing Much Happensî on Tuesday and
ìRunî on Wednesday, both tunes sounded
magical with the harmonies. ìAftertaste,î ìOn
and On,î and ìRunning With Scissorsî also
were great. By the end of the gig, McGowan is
playing guitar while sitting on the drum throne
and also playing the kick drum. Lara is on the
keys while also using one arm to hit the snare
drum in beat with McGowanís bass

The assembled folks just wanted the set to go
on and on! As always, the hardest working
man in show biz was out by the merch table
meeting fans at the end of the gig. What wonít
this man do?

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11/15.03 - New Haven, CT (Toadís Place)

11/16.03 - Providence, RI Ultra)

11/17.03 - Washington, D.C. (Black Cat)

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11/21.03 - Austin, TX (The Mercury)

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11/25.03 - San Diego, CA (The Scene)

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Ben also tapes Carson Daly on 12/3 (air date

Live - Ben Lee Writes A New Song For NYC