Pretty Girls Make Graves Get Van-Jacked

Artsy Seattle-based rockers Pretty Girls Make Graves were robbed late wednesday night in their own hometown. The thieves made off with the band's green, 15-passenger van and trailer, the latter of which was filled with a number of vintage amps. PGMG pleaded to the amp-nabbers on the band's website, saying, "If you stole our van, you can keep it, but please give back the amps."

Below is a list of the stolen amps. The band asks that if you live in or around Seattle and you happen to see any of these items, please email them at

1972 SVT Bass Head

1976 Park

1976 Marshall JMP 100w Superlead

1974 Silverface Fender Twin Reverb

Roland KC500

Pretty Girls Make Graves Get Van-Jacked